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About Loanstreet Insurance
  • All about Loanstreet


Loanstreet is a personal finance-focused website in Malaysia that helps Malaysians to make the most of their money in daily life. As a financial comparison website, you can compare and apply for financial products such as credit cards, personal loans, ASB loans, and housing loans or home refinance without even going to the banks using Loanstreet.


Apart from the above, Loanstreet also offers car insurance and motorcycle insurance as well as services to renew motor insurance and road tax renewal instantly online. More importantly, Loanstreet aims to educate and spread awareness regarding finances to Malaysians through its collection of up-to-date financial articles to make sure Malaysians make well-informed financial decisions every day.


  • What are the products and services provided by Loanstreet?


Some of the products and services provided by Loanstreet are Home Loans, Home Refinance, Personal Loans, Commercial Mortgage, Land Financing, ASB Loans, Credit Cards, Car Loans, and Share Margin Financing.


  • All about Loanstreet credit cards


Loanstreet credit cards cover a wide range of credit cards such as Cash Back credit cards, Rewards credit cards, Travel credit cards, Balance Transfer credit cards, Promo credit cards, Shopping credit cards, and Petrol credit cards.


In terms of credit cards by banks, Loanstreet provides AEON Credit Cards, Affin Bank Credit Cards, Alliance Bank Credit Cards, Ambank Credit Cards, Bank Islam Credit Cards, Bank Rakyat Credit Cards, Bank Simpanan Nasional Credit Cards, CIMB Bank Credit Cards, Citibank Credit Cards, Hong Leong Bank Credit Cards, HSBC Credit Cards, ICBC Credit Cards, Maybank Credit Cards, OCBC Bank Credit Cards, Public Bank Credit Cards, RHB Credit Cards, Standard Chartered Credit Cards, and UOB Credit Cards.


Among the popular credit cards being provided by Loanstreet are Maybank credit cards such as Maybank 2 Gold Cards, Maybank 2 Platinum Cards, Maybank 2 Cards Premier, American Express Cash Back Gold Maybank Credit Card, American Express Platinum Maybank Credit Card, Maybank Visa Signature, Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Platinum Card, Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Gold Card, Maybank Visa Infinite, Maybank Islamic Ikhwan Visa Infinite Card-i, Maybank Manchester United Visa Infinite, and Maybank Manchester United Visa Card, to name a few.


  • All about Loanstreet loans

Loanstreet loans include personal loans, ASB loans, car loans, housing loans, and share margin financing. Personal loans include Islamic personal loans and government personal loans. Some of the popular personal loans on Loanstreet are RHB Easy-Pinjaman Express and Alliance CashVantage Financing-i.


Examples of car loans you can apply on Loanstreet are Hong Leong Bank Auto Loan Fixed Rate, Maybank Hire Purchase, RHB Vehicle Financing-i, Maybank Al-Ijarah Thumma Al-Bai (AITAB), CIMB Hire Purchase, and Muamalat Vehicle Financing-i, just to name a few.


Examples of home loans you can apply on Loanstreet are Standard Chartered MortgageOne, RHB My1 Full Flexi Home Loan, Maybank Maxi Home Flexi, Public Bank 5 Home Plan, BSN MyHome (Residential Property), CIMB HomeLoan, Maybank MaxiHome Ezy, and Alliance Conventional Home Financing, to name a few.


You can also apply for ASB loans on Loanstreet namely, RHB ASB Financing (Inclusive of GRTT / GRTA), MBB ASB Financing, BSN MyRinggit ASB, Affin ASB/ASB2 Loan, and CIMB Term Financing-i secured by ASB, to name a few.


  • All about Loanstreet insurance


Loanstreet also provides insurance products and services which cover car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and travel insurance. Car insurances on Loanstreet are Zurich Z-Driver and P&O Driver while motorcycle insurances are Zurich Z-Rider and P&O Rider.


You can easily buy or renew your car and motorcycle insurance via Loanstreet in three simple steps. Firstly, you can get an instant quotation for your car and motorcycle insurance by entering the required information. Next, you will be able to compare prices and get highly relevant and the best insurance quotation from insurance providers. Lastly, once you have made up your mind, you can purchase car or motorcycle insurance easily via Loanstreet’s safe, simple, and speedy online payment system.


Examples of travel insurances provided by Loanstreet are Allianz Travel Care For Annual Plan, Allianz Travel Care For Single Trip, Z-Travel for Single Trip, and Z-Travel for Annual Plan.


  • All about Loanstreet tools


In providing a reliable and empowering financial platform for Malaysians, Loanstreet is committed to provide the necessary financial tools that will help Malaysians to make better financial decisions. Some of the tools available on Loanstreet are Home Loan Eligibility Quick Check, Comprehensive Home Loan Eligibility Report, Home Loan & Stamp Duty Calculator, Flat to Effective Interest Rate Calculator, Car & Personal Loan Settlement Calculator, and RPGT Calculator.



  • How to get Loanstreet promo in Malaysia?


One of the easy ways to get Loanstreet promo vouchers in Malaysia is to follow promo and voucher websites such as Top Stores. Look for Loanstreet Promo vouchers listed on this page and use them when you need credit cards, loans, insurance, financial tools, and financial services from Loanstreet.


  • What is Top Stores?


Top Stores is a website dedicated to people who are keen to maximise the worth of their money and make the most of their daily and seasonal purchases. Top Stores is committed to highlighting all the promos, discounts, and vouchers that are available out there from various companies and service providers to ensure our fans, followers and website visitors can save money while living their best life. We truly believe that you can have fun and enjoy great things in life without spending too much and saving money with every purchase. Hence, we curate content and deals across the web to bring you the best possible shopping experience at the best value at all times. From daily life purchases to special once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you will find them here at Top Stores. The wide range of products and services we cover are from categories such as Travel and Hotels, Electronics, Fashion, Beauty And Health, Home And Living, Food and Grocery. In short, if you follow Top Stores, you will be able to save a big amount of money when you shop online as well as when you travel overseas!


  • Tips to save more money using Top Stores


First and foremost, search through Top Stores categories and zero into the category of products and services you are looking to purchase. You can also search through brands such as Lazada, Zalora, and Shopee. You can start browsing through the various promos, deals, and discounts available from various service providers and brands across the country and globally. Once you have found the deal, you can grab the deal and enjoy the products or services as well as be happy for saving a lot of money. If you do not have any particular purchase in mind, you can always make a yearly plan using the deals from Top Stores. Highlight the festive seasons, holiday seasons, shopping mega sales, and top personal preferences, and make your move when you see the best sale at any time of the year. This way you will be way ahead and would have scored the best deals at the right time.

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