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About Watsons
  • All about Watsons Malaysia


Watsons is the go-to pharmacy or drugstore in Asia. Specifically, Watsons Malaysia is one of the leading pharmacies that can be found all over the country. Watsons is not a new face in the world of pharmacies and drugstores. In fact, it goes a long way back. Watsons was established in 1841 and it has expanded fast all over the world. Watsons is now the world’s largest health and beauty retailer with more than 15,800 stores in 27 markets. In Asia, Watsons is operating more than 7,800 stores in 14 Asian and European markets. In Malaysia, Watsons has more than 550 stores and is highly trusted by Malaysians. Watsons Malaysia is also the proud winner of the Platinum Award for the Best in Retail Category 2019 by Putra Brands Award. Winning the award through voting by Malaysian consumers, Watsons has proven to be the best health and beauty retailer in Malaysia. Watsons’ tagline is “Look Good, Feel Great”.


  • Why is Watsons the leading online health and beauty retailer in Malaysia?


Apart from top quality and seamless online service, Watsons Malaysia ensures customers are well taken care of with deals, promotions, and vouchers that will help them to purchase more with less cost. Building a community with its customers, Watsons is now one of the leading online health and beauty retailers in Malaysia. Watsons Malaysia provides exclusive service to its VIP membership and elite membership.


VIP members are entitled to a lifetime membership, 1 rewards points for every RM1 spent, 2x points on Watsons brand products, 5x points on birthday month, health rewards, pay with points, 5x points when paying with Watsons card, and #watsonsrewards at over 1,000 merchants locations.


Meanwhile, elite members are entitled to special Watsons promo code, free online home delivery, 5x points on Watsons brand products, 10x points for first purchase on birthday month, exclusive offers and promotions, invites to special events, and priority customer service.


  • Top Watsons products for men and women


Watsons products can be categorised into Skincare, Makeup, Health Care, Personal Care, Hair Care, Men, and Baby.


Watsons Skincare products include face wash and cleanser, toners, exfoliators, cleansing brushes and, tools, makeup removers, moisturizer, BB cream and CC cream, night cream, face oil, face mist, lip balm and treatments, eye cream, essence, face serum and treatment, blemish and acne treatments, facial peels, eye treatment, face masks, eye masks, hair removal, mother and baby products, beauty supplements, oil control and blotting paper, face sunscreen, body sunscreen, and lip sunscreen.


Watsons Makeup products include lip gloss, lipstick, lip plumper, lip balm and treatments, lip liner, lip stain, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyelash enhancers and primers, eyelash curlers, false eyelashes, eye brushes, eye makeup remover, foundation, BB cream and CC cream, face primer, face powder, contour, makeup remover, bronzer, blush, concealer, highlighter, sponges and applicators, face brushes, nail treatment, nail accessory, nail remover, and nail colours.


Watsons Health Care products include tonic, nutrition, supplements, food and drink, oral care treatment, indigestion, eye care, contact lens care, external analgesics, ear care, flu cold nasal, cough, antiseptics, foot treatment, traditional medicine, adult diapers, thermometer, diagnostic equipment, bandages/dressings, insect repellant, condom lubricant, accessories, skin enhancer, breast enhancer, acne, skin treatment, pregnancy test kit, sensitive skin, hair loss, vitamins, minerals, weight management, and body fitness equipment.


Watsons Personal Care products include pantyliner, tampon, sanitary napkin, feminine wash/wipes, diapers/milk powder, baby toiletries, shower gels, body scrub, bar soap, perfume and deodorant, hand liquid soap, facial tissue, disposable underwear cotton, wet tissues/wipes, toothbrush, whitening, mouthwash, and toothpaste.


Watsons Hair Care products include dry shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, scalp and hair treatment, hair loss, hair oil, shine, frizz, curls, volume, hairdryers, hairspray and styling products, flat irons, curling irons and stylers, hair colour and root touch up, and hair accessories.


Watsons Men products include razors/blades, facial wash, scrub, toner, mask, moisturizer and treatments, facial wipes, nose pore pack, conditioner, styling, shampoo, EDT, deodorant, body products, blade and razor, and teeth whitening.


Watsons Baby products include diapers, milk powder, bath and skincare.


  • Payment options at Watsons


Payment options at Watsons online stores are seamless, fast and easy. There are a lot of options you can choose from. Firstly, you can choose to pay using your credit card or debit card. Watsons accept all VISA and Mastercard cards, both credit and debit with 3D secure (verified by VISA and Mastercard secure). Or, you can also opt to pay using your Watsons VIP Points. Watson VIP Points are the points collected by Watsons members when they purchase items at Watsons. Members will get 1 point for every RM1 spent and can redeem RM1 for every 200 points earned. You can also pay using the Watsons promo code or Watsons voucher code. During checkout, key in the valid code received under “Promotion Code” and you are good to go! Or, you can also pay using online banking through your preferred banks. Lastly, you can choose to pay via e-Wallets such as Boost and GrabPay.


  • Watsons promo code and Watsons voucher Malaysia


Naturally, Watsons’ prices are reasonable and affordable. What’s more, Watsons offers discounts and promos throughout the year for customers. Not only during mega sales such as Watsons 11.11 sale and Watsons 12.12 sale or festive sales such as Hari Raya sale, Deepavali sale, Chinese New Year sale, Christmas sale, and New Year sale but there are also sales happening on a daily basis. Make sure you keep a lookout for these sales and Watsons vouchers to save more money while shopping online.


Some of the usual Watsons promo code and Watsons vouchers are the BUY 1, FREE 1 deal, BUY 2 FREE 1 deal, 2ND LESS 50% deal, Purchase with Purchase (PWP) deal, Gift with Purchase (GWP) deal, and NO. x CRM POINTS deal.


  • How to get Watsons voucher in Malaysia?


One of the easy ways to get Watsons vouchers in Malaysia is to follow promo and voucher websites such as Top Stores. Look for Watsons vouchers listed on this page and use them when you checkout on Watsons online store.


  • What is Top Stores?


Top Stores is a website dedicated to people who are keen to maximise the worth of their money and make the most of their daily and seasonal purchases. Top Stores is committed to highlighting all the promos, discounts and vouchers that are available out there from various companies and service providers to ensure our fans, followers and website visitors can save money while living their best life. We truly believe that you can have fun and enjoy great things in life without spending too much and saving money with every purchase. Hence, we curate contents and deals across the web to bring you the best possible shopping experience at the best value at all times. From daily life purchases to special once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you will find them here at Top Stores. The wide range of products and services we cover are from categories such as Travel and Hotels, Electronics, Fashion, Beauty And Health, Home And Living, Food and Grocery. In short, if you follow Top Stores, you will be able to save a big amount of money when you shop online as well as when you travel overseas!


  • Tips to save more money using Top Stores


First and foremost, search through Top Stores categories and zero into the category of products and services you are looking to purchase. You can also search through brands such as Watsons, Zalora, and Shopee. You can start browsing through the various promos, deals, and discounts available from various service providers and brands across the country and globally. Once you have found the deal, you can grab the deal and enjoy the products or services as well as be happy for saving a lot of money. If you do not have any particular purchase in mind, you can always make a yearly plan using the deals from Top Stores. Highlight the festive seasons, holiday seasons, shopping mega sales and top personal preferences and make your move when you see the best sale at any time of the year. This way you will be way ahead and would have scored the best deals at the right time.


  • Top Watsons vouchers in Top Stores


Top Stores have a long list of Watsons vouchers on a regular basis. Especially during festive seasons and mega sales, Watsons vouchers in Top Stores will help you to save money. From 50% discounts to ‘Buy 1, Free 1’ deals, you can grab top Watsons vouchers in Top Stores.